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In this episode, we have invited Jen Myers, the CEO and Life Business Coach at Homeschool CEO. She specializes in running a company and a family with a CEO's attitude, and she is now on a quest to assist other mom entrepreneurs in doing the same. Today, Jen shares her experiences about her and how she got into homeschooling and entrepreneurship.
How it all started
Jen started as a reluctant homeschooler and did not plan about it; it was not until her kids' teachers suggested it since one of her kids has a learning disability, she also found out that she is pregnant with their fourth child. With that, they decided to try out homeschooling which they only planned for a year but fell in love with it and decided to go on.
Getting into entrepreneurship
His husband initially has an automotive business with his uncle, but they decided to sell it and start an ATV business where they homeschool children under eight.
Jen did not have that identity of an entrepreneur nor a mom, so they ended up selling the business after seven years.
Jen and her husband had some struggles, and she needs to find a way to make her own money. The next day she started her virtual assistant business after picking herself up, became niche with Facebook ads, and made six figures in her first year, then she founded Home-school CEO.
Figuring out who you are
She started looking through Groupon and asked herself what things she will never do but wanted to try. Jen then took up pole fitness. With that, she began to understand that she could be more than just a mom, more than just a business owner, that she could have her likes, passion, and hobbies that are not related to her family and still be a good and loving mom.
Giving yourself permission
Jen stated that not every mom has to start a business to find what their outside hobbies are. Just permit yourself to do those things so you can outgrow them. It is maturing out to go on the path of self-discovering and figuring out what you are and what you like.
Catapult to the business
Jen and her husband argued about a motorcycle and stated that that is the best fight they ever had since it helped her catapult the business, which was the start of her coming into her own.
She encourages people to look for the opportunity in the worst situations because there is always something there.
Learn to prioritize
Whenever Jen starts her week with an empty calendar, she starts to schedule things that matter the most for her, including her family. She does not feel guilty filling the rest of her schedule with work-related stuff because she knows that she makes her priorities her priority.
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