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On this episode of The Building Heroes Podcast, guest Mo Spell and I discuss the journey of growth and how to navigate hardships and challenges along the way.

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[00:01:44] A homeschooling mom with hindsight talks about navigating ups and downs in her journey and trusting her gut with her children's education.

[00:03:54] A mother overcomes overwhelm by changing her perspective and expectations, realizing that her circumstances can't change but her mindset can. She learns to appreciate the present moments in her journey instead of waiting for future milestones.

[00:10:07] Recognize subconscious expectations for self and others, articulate expectations for kids, and adjust expectations for different seasons of life.

[00:12:51] Embrace the struggles and obstacles in life as catalysts for growth, and focus on what you tell yourself about them. Joy and struggles exist in every age and stage of life, and pain can also be a necessary and positive part of growth. Changing your perspective on challenges can lead to new opportunities.

[00:16:48] Our worth is not based on what we do, but our thoughts fuel our actions. We should focus on changing our self-talk and beliefs rather than always trying to fix things through action.

[00:20:51] Changing beliefs takes time, as thoughts are repeated and neural pathways form. The acronym "Learn" is useful for identifying limiting beliefs, unrealistic expectations, and unvoiced expectations. Awareness is important for recognizing and addressing these beliefs.

[00:22:22] The text discusses the importance of awareness, recognizing and changing limiting beliefs and expectations, using feelings as a check engine light, and renewing one's mind to change actions and results. It also provides a personal example of how changing one's thinking can lead to better outcomes.

[00:31:45] Letting go of control and expectations is crucial when homeschooling; embracing flexibility and feedback helps maintain a heart connection with one's children.

[00:36:26] Give yourself grace, let go of guilt and embrace discomfort as part of growth. Each new level and season will have new challenges to face but it's all part of the journey.

[00:41:34] Use cold therapy to interrupt negative thought patterns and take deep breaths to think clearly about the next step.

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